Role of Parents

The contact and communication between the Care Team and the parents, as well as between the parents themselves, are essential to our parent-child initiative. An open and trusting relationship is our main goal. 

We achieve this primarily through the following events:


  • Parent Association: Meetings take place four times a year to discuss various matters at TurBienchen. For example, elections to select the parents' spokesman, discussion of the organizational calendar for all the upcoming major events (Parent Association, members, parents, cleaning day, excursions, children's parties)


  • Parent-Teacher Night: a meeting by the Care Team and Management Team to inform the parents about the daily routine and special activities


  • Parent-Teacher Interview: a private meeting between the parents and the child Care Team conducted at least once a year to talk about the child's development in detail


  • Parent Volunteer Time, to promote contact between the parents: all parents do 30 hours of volunteer service each year for the first child

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