Home and Garden

Our children spend their day at the main entrance of MTU Aero Engines AG. 


Our house is on two floors and allows room for two groups of 17 children. To ensure that we maximize the space that can be used by the children, we utilize all the rooms in the house, including the staircase, as multi-purpose rooms. Therefore, the children can play in the sleeping room, the team room, as well as in the office of the director.


TurBienchen is lucky to have a very large and natural garden. It is full of tall old trees and wild shrubs. We are grateful that in the middle of the city we are able to offer our children a piece of nature. This beautiful garden allows our children to climb trees and have a wide-ranging experience with water, sand, soil, plants, and small animals. 
In one area of the garden, we have created garden beds with the children, where weeds are weeded and flowers, herbs, and vegetables are nurtured and harvested. There is a tool shed with tools, materials, and toys for the children including a variety of garden vehicles.

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