Specific Activities and Projects

In addition to the daily routine and experiences, we also take time to acknowledge and promote special events. 

We celebrate many events throughout the calendar year such as: 

  • Birthday

  • Carnival / Fasching

  • Easter

  • Oktoberfest

  • Thanksgiving

  • Halloween

  • Nicholas

  • Christmas


In the past year, we have introduced the theme of "Nutrition" in all facets of the special events and activities. 

In addition, we have regular excursions to local attractions and celebrate other special occasions such as:

  • Exploring various playgrounds in the area 

  • Visiting Police Station, the MTU Fire Department and the ambulance service 

  • Riding to the airport

  • Hellabrunn Zoo Trips

  • Theatre visits 

  • Technical experiments 

  • Summer Festival

  • Visit from the Tooth Fairy 


...and many more.

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