Support and Sponsors

On this page, we want to thank all who have made the operation of TurBienchen possible through their support. First and foremost to mention is, of course, the management of MTU Aero Engines. 
MTU has not only provided the building, renovation and establishment of be funded, but also a good part of the operating costs are covered  - just like the bilingualism of the institution and the extended opening times.
The legal develpment of the city of Munich and the Free State of Bavaria is to be mentioned here.


In addition there are many large and small donations that provide a pleasant and informative environment for the children. Many important purchases were made possible only through donations such as those of MTU HDV12 teams, MTU Creative Company (Education Department). These donations were used to cover the purchase of chairs. Many MTU employes, who as part of the euro changeover donated their loose change to TurBienchen.
Notable private donations have also been received from: the companies BEC Industrial Systems and Elektro Schauer; Mr. Reim and Dr. Scheitle, who have their premiums passed on from the MTU SOS-Tag to us; Messrs. Stark, Sosna, Pignitter, Feistel and Venske.  
Many thanks are also given to Mr. Kleitsch for assistance in the preparation of the TurBienchen Chronicle. Also noteworthy is how TurBienchen was the sole and lucky winner of a football World Cup bet of the Core Leadership Team of the MRO of MTU due to the unexpected finale.


Thanks also to Mr. Zanger, Head of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations at MTU, for the generous donation of the proceeds from the "Long Night of Museums 2006". Furthermore, we appreciate the efforts of Dr. Mauch in the Berlin office and Mrs. Leber, who directed their honorarium for a lecture to our benefit, and Mr. Potschigmann.


Finally, many thanks to all the above and (still) unnamed donors!


Just as important as financial support has been the personal commitment of many persons. In particular, we are thankful to Mrs. Melzer-Hollederer and Mr. Berger who supported on behalf of MTU and the MTU Work Council, as well as the founding efforts of Mrs. Pfähler-Münch, Mrs. Kammerloher, und Mrs. Riegler. 

We always still need support. If you would like to join with us - even if you do not have a child in our care - we would be delighted to welcome you as a supporting member of TurBienchen. 

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