Food and Nutrition

An important part of TurBienchen is health education and this is further supported in our approach to meals and nutrition.




The selection of dishes offered at the breakfast buffet at TurBienchen changes daily. We believe in offering a selection of healthy food, but also food that allows the children to experience a wide range of choices.  For example, there is cereal fruits, chocolate chips, etc. - and on Friday there are rolls and pretzels with jam and butter. The children may select the foods from the buffet that they would like to try. 




Food is used not only for nourishment but also to promote a sense of community and the development of communication skills. The atmosphere during meal times is to be happy and without time pressure. 
Lunch is eaten together. We offer a full menu from the MTU canteen (included in the monthly cost).
Children under one year of age either have jars of food or homemade food provided by their parents. They are fed according to their own feeding schedule.


Afternoon Snack


In the afternoon we offer different types of seasonal fruit, sandwiches, and sometimes biscuits or yoghurt.


Kids Cooking


The children cook regularly.  They learn how food is produced and prepared, and enjoy their self-prepared food even more as a result.




The children are provided mineral water, tea, Saftschorlen (Juice Spritzer - juice mixed with mineral water), and cocoa. The team ensures that there is always a wide selection of different beverage varieties.

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